Turban Black Velvet

15.00 EUR

Soft, easy to wear, turban with an elastic band in the back for a flexible fit.

The turbans are sewn in The Gambia by our tailor Binta. Since each piece is cut by hand and is in it self a piece of art, some differences in patterns and measurements may occur.

Material composition: polyester 95%, elastan 5%

Sizes: available in three sizes: 3-18 months old, 1-6 years old, age 6 and up

Laundry care: We recommend washing the garments by hand and avoiding bleach detergents. This is more environmentally friendly and it will help to preserve the colors in the garment in the best possible manner.

We believe in transparency!

We bought the fabric from a so-called container shop in The Gambia, which is part of a bigger business network of repurposed textiles. The turban is sewn in Binta Jarjus' (pictured below) tailoring shop and school in The Gambia where only female tailors work and study.

Approximate cost of production:
Fabric: €2
Labels: €0.5
Shipping: €2
Tailor: €4

Total: €8.5