Patchwork Blanket

2 600 kr

100% Organic cotton

I love this patchwork blanket! Patches are cut outs of 50/50cm put together.

It is handwoven and the orange is hand dyed using Kola Nut to achieve this rich burnt orange. We also used the full width the fabric was woven in to make the patches so there is no waste in making this beautiful blanket :) It looks beautiful on a bed as an added layer for warmth and it is also a great piece to use as a picnic or beach blanket. 

Size is a large 250cm/250cm. Fits a king size bed. 

Fabrics are hand woven using 100% organic cotton farmed in The Gambia.  

Sewn and finished locally in The Gambia 

Care : Machine wash gentle / Dry Clean


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